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About HostKda

Free Web Hosting ,We can't talk about ourselves a lot, but we can show that we are "Hostkda" site specializing in providing free web hosting to all Internet users World Wide Web, a product of the information revolution services, and hosting service sites for free in the Arabic language for all permissible purposes, and we hope to continue in the future with the development of services provided in order to benefit a larger number of users who looking for an Arabic free web hosting or free website hosting to all users who want to web sites on the World Wide Web "WWW" and we hope that we can gain confidence and satisfaction of the customers always by offering free website hosting or free web hosting.

The purpose of the provision of free website hosting "Hostkda" help different groups and ages for the benefit of the greatest number of school students, university students, novices in the field of information technology, small business, Web projects, and tests or other display valid activities, so as to reduce or shrink material expenses to view content appropriate environment for it, and publish them on the World Wide Web at the lowest cost, as well as to enrich the Arabic content by increase in the number of web sites on the internet, which supports Arabic as a language essential and we hope in the Arab community service first and for all people Arabic speakers then the benefit of all users in All countries of the world.

Who can benefit from HostKda hosting?

Visitors of our website "Hostkda" the Free web hosting can that serves all countries of the world also singled already mentioned, in particular Arabic-speaking Arab countries, "Arab Republic of Egypt, State of Sudan (northern Sudan - Sudan South), State of Libya, Tunisian Republic (Tunisia), Algerian Republic People (Algeria), Kingdom of Morocco (Morocco), Islamic Republic of Mauritania (Mauritania), Djibouti, Republic of Somalia (Somalia), occupied Palestinian territories (Palestine), Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Jordan), Syrian Arab Republic (Syria), Republic of Iraq (Iraq), Lebanon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia), Republic of Yemen (Yemen), Sultanate of Oman (Oman), United Arab Emirates (UAE), State of Qatar (Qatar), Kingdom of Bahrain (Bahrain), State of Kuwait ( Kuwait), Union of the Comoros (Comoros), State of Eritrea (Eritrea), Republic of Chad (Chad), Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, and can any user in the world speaking in Arabic or any other languages to use the Free web Hosting for all web sites activities like companies websites, e-commerce or even for services that are not-for-profit and help others to communicate with them on an ongoing basis.

We hope to continue providing the best e-services for the benefit of the greatest number of World Wide Web users, particularly Arabic speakers in the world, and our commitment towards ourselves and towards site users HostKda please read the terms and conditions and privacy to our site policy and to approve responsibility and ensure the confidence of all parties as a whole to remain Free website hosting.

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